Ashley has been a natural artist since her early childhood, and she decided at a young age that she wanted to pursue her dream of turning her passion for art into a career as a tattoo artist. In 2006 Ashley was fortunate enough to find a tattoo shop willing to take her on as an apprentice. Once her apprenticeship was complete, she moved on to work for different tattoo shops up and down the east coast. By surrounding herself with many talented artists throughout her career, she gained more experience and knowledge of tattooing and the industry as a whole. She is constantly striving to extend her artistic capabilities to new levels, which is why in 2016 she decided it was time to build a tattoo studio of her own. At the Bully Ink studio, Ashley is focused on providing clients with high quality work in a safe sterile environment.


Ashley is versatile and comfortable working with just about any style, but she finds it most rewarding to create custom designs that become truly eye-catching pieces. Designs that really spark her interests utilize high contrast, nature or fantasy based subject matter ( ie. animals, plants, elements, magic, mythical creatures etc.). Her favorite type of clientele to work with are those that give her a general direction to go in and allow her to have artistic freedom with the design.​  If you would like to copy a generic design off of the internet or another artist, Ashley may not be the artist for you. She takes pride in her work and believes that a tattoo should be a memorable work of art that you will be proud to appreciate for many years to come.




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