Welcome to Bully Ink, a custom tattoo studio located just outside of Annapolis, in Edgewater Maryland.  At Bully Ink you will not find any tattoo flash on the walls, because Bully Ink is a tattoo studio based on the foundation of providing clientele with fully customized tattoos. Much like the person wearing the tattoo, tattoos are meant to be one of a kind. If you can simply select a tattoo off of a wall or the internet it takes the originality out of the design. 

Tattoo safety is our utmost concern. By using only state of the art pre-sterilized disposable tattoo equipment during every tattoo procedure, we go above and beyond to ensure that all safety precautions are taken during every tattoo procedure.  Understanding the importance of these safety precautions to properly limit risks and prevent exposure is a must at Bully Ink. Our team has undergone blood borne pathogens certification training in compliance with OSHA. We are always happy to educate our clients about the importance of proper tattoo safety techniques. For more about our safety procedures, we encourage you to review our  Are Tattoos Safe? section for an in-depth look into our tattoo safety practices.

Your tattoo experience does not end once the tattoo procedure is complete, Bully Ink also carries some of the best tattoo aftercare products available on the market. Our fellow animal enthusiasts can rest easy knowing that we proudly support products containing vegan ingredients. At Bully Ink we take pride in our work, which is why we also offer a complimentary tattoo touch-up once your tattoo is healed. For more information on our touch-up policy please review our "What is a touch-up? section. From something simple to something simply extravagant, Bully Ink is focused on creating a one of a kind work of art for you to appreciate for many years to come. 

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